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Denisse Marie

Create. Learn. Grow. Do

Denisse Marie has helped solopreneurs and small businesses since the age of 15, and she’s had a great deal of personal experience in the small business arena. She worked for many small business owners but kept seeing one basic need: Her employers wanted to focus on their businesses, yet they were being sidetracked by trying to find quality assistants, learning how to work social media, building websites, and losing valuable time to other tasks that were time-consuming and frustrating. 
While attending Arizona State University and then University of Nevada-Las Vegas for Mass Communications, Denisse’s entrepreneurial spirit engaged and she focused on education to build her business. She became a Certified Internet Marketing Specialist and a Certified Social Media Specialist.

Denisse Marie started her first business when she was 19, assisting small companies and single-person entities with the many basic needs of day-to-day operations: office management, business systems, bookkeeping, marketing, and general administration. In addition to running her own business and continually investing in education, Denisse is also the single mother of three daughters. She is an example of the new breed of business owner—a self-employed, educated person who balances work and family in this new economy.

And so, within the last 8 years, Denisse has focused on helping solopreneurs and other small businesses in these areas with a small business solution that has been refined to what is now BusySuperVA. In 2012, Denisse merged with her sister, Yaritza Delorenzo, to create BusySuperVA, a unique service the combines the three departments that make up the foundation of almost any business: administration, marketing and accounting. Denisse is the Co-Founder and oversees the administration and marketing teams for clients nationwide.

It’s said that one of the hallmarks of a successful business owner is the ability to delegate. Whatever your business is based on this should be your primary focus. Denisse has found a way to build a thriving company alongside her sister and Co-Founder, Yartiza, based on providing services and solutions that help business to run as smoothly as they can, and to grow.


Denisse and Team Specialties

 Denisse Marie

WordPress Websites

We love all things WordPress and love to build new WordPress websites. Your website is the foundation of your online presence and should be effective in attracting potential customers. Our WordPress services include WordPress setup, WordPress theme customization, WordPress conversions, and WordPress maintenance and support.  Our team provides worldwide coverage, live chat support, detailed notes on every project, and support from WordPress experts within the United States.

Executive Support

As stated above, “It’s said that one of the hallmarks of a successful business owner is the ability to delegate.Whatever your business is based on this should be your primary focus.” Delegating the little things that can take so much of your time will help you focus on growing your business. Our team is made up of specialists in Google Apps for Business, Office 365, Infusionsoft, Time Trade, Hootsuite and many other popular software that streamline your business. Whether you need assistance with scheduling, managing your email, managing and streamlining your lead process and so much more, our team can help!

Online Presence Manager

Maintaining your online presence can be very time consuming and even more time consuming keeping up with the changes like Google’s algorithm, Facebook news feed changes, and new social media platforms. Our team will not manage your online presence, our specialists in different areas like search engine marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing will provide you the guidance you need to maintain an effective online presence. BusySuperVA’s team of specialists help your business grow while providing you peace of mind.


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